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Wolves of Kitchen Mykonos

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Wolves of Kitchen Mykonos

Wolves of Kitchen began as consulting agency for restaurants and culinary related businesses. Paoring a team with long experience in culinary services with a philosophy focused on upgrading the gastronomical experience, its goal is set to provide excellence in high quality services. After years of success in the field, team leader and Chef Alsi Sinanaj decided to commit to his true passion and realize his dream of running his very own restaurant. That’s when Wolves of Kitchen in Ornos, Mykonos was born in the summer of 2017. With a solid concept, and an even more solid menu selection of unique flavors and cooking techniques, an opening in Athens was sure to follow.

The “wolf pack” is comprised by passionate, driven people in their early twenties, eager to learn and to progress in the kitchen. Watching their teamwork certainly answers any questions on the name “Wolves of Kitchen” itself. It’s simple.

The wolf is a leader and, despite his somewhat rough exterior, it instinctively has moral rules. It is a free animal, a wild animal, but knows how to co-exist in a herd. If the leader does not walk ahead, no one goes. It shows respect, will never hurt a weak animal, but instead it’ll protect it, and encourage it to walk further.